How it works

(What you get with your free account)

When you register a free account a password will be send to you mail address. Simply fill in a user name and your mail address and you will receive a mail with your password.

With this password and your login name you can login to your account. You will find the link to the login page in your mail with password. You are now able to add your information to the website.

Once you logon to your Free Yacht Directory account you be given a few options.


In the next screen you be ask to fill in your company name or when you want to add you charter yacht to our charter location category, fill in the name of the yacht.


Add you business address and click the “Find address on map” button. The system will automatically find your address on the world map.


Now you fill in your phone, Email and Web address. And choose if you want social media buttons on your webpage.


Now select the category and location depending of your business and location.


The only thing left to do is to submit your item for review. Once we have checked if everything is ok the webpage will be put online and your marker will appear on the world map.

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When everything went ok your page will look like this. Show sample page.

If you have any question please use our contact form. If you want more information mentioned with you item you can choose to option to buy one of our packages.

If your using our free option we would appreciate a link back to our website.

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