Different Types of Yachts You Can Purchase

Different Types of Yachts You Can Purchase

For an ordinary passerby, all yachts may appear the same, but a true yacht lover understands the difference between each one. Ranging on a variety of factors like size, performance and features,  yachts are specifically built to suit the unique purposes of the owner. To understand the distinguishing factors between yachts, it is first important to understand the term. The word yacht is a Dutch term ‘Jacht’ which means ‘hunt’. Yachts today are rarely used for hunting and are mainly defined as a small motorized recreational boat generally used for leisure and racing.

Ranging from small 15-foot boats to large 500 feet vessels, yachts can be designed to serve any purpose based on your preferences, taste and budget. Here are the most popular unique types of yachts you should know of before you purchase one.

Day sailing yachts: Also known as dinghies, day sailing boats are small in size and about 20 feet long. With a retractable keel, they do not contain cabins and are ideal for short day time use only.

Weekender yachts: These yachts are slightly bigger than dinghies and can span up to 30 feet in length. Ideal for overnight journeys, weekender yachts can accommodate about 2-3 people.

Cruiser yachts: Cruiser yachts range from 23 feet to 46 feet and offer an ideal blend of lightness, speed and comfort. They can accommodate a small group of attendees and can contain multiple hulls. With simple and classy features, a cruiser yacht is ideal for short journeys.  

Racing yachts: A popular choice for sport enthusiasts, racing yachts are designed to reduce contact with water using lighter hulls for greater speed and buoyancy. These yachts have flat bottoms and wide beams, but contain basic accommodation and comfort levels to compensate for increased speeds up to 35 knots.

Luxury yachts: Commonly called as a personal ship, luxury yachts are built for comfort and space. They can range from 82 feet and longer and contain all human facilities necessary. From large, luxurious and cozy cabins for the attendees to air conditioning and television, a luxury yacht can accommodate large groups for many days with ample storage.   

Mega yachts: A larger than life version of the luxury yacht, a mega yacht is an indulgence ranging from 90 feet and upwards. Accommodating more than 40 people at a time, a mega yacht is ideal for overnight parties, socializing and entertainment. Mega yachts can contain a wide range of luxurious amenities like art galleries, swimming pools, dining rooms, bars, sun decks, sky lounges, libraries, elevators, gymnasiums, spas and crew quarters.

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